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Virtual Voyage
the non-comercial virtual travel-agency in the web.


What is "Virtual Voyage"?
Virtual Voyage is a travel agency for free virtual voyages round the world!
Until now you could make virtual voyages on the web around the world and get impressions from all world on your display, without setting a foot out the door.
With Virtual Voyage you can dispatch picture postcards of your virtual voyage round the world. These picture postcards are anything but virtual - they are real picture postcards, originaly from the country in which you were virtually - with a real stamp and your own handwritten vacation greeting on the back.

How can that be done?
Virtual Voyage builds contacts between you and virtual travelers in other countries, in order to have someone who can send you a picture postcard (in an envelope). After you get the card, you can write the desired recipient and your greetings on it to your heart's desire. You send the picture postcard back then in an envelope to the traveler in the country of origin, who mails the card immediately, or on an indicated date.

What costs that?
The service of Virtual Voyage is FREE !
But naturally costs arise for the traveler in the vacation country of your selection: 1 postcard, 1 envelope, as well as the postage for them. The best thing is the mutual exchange - thus approximately the same costs arise on both sides, so that no cash must change hands. If the service is required only in one direction, you must reach an agreement on the price. Virtual Voyage suggests putting the amount of 5 US-$ together with the written picture postcard into the envelope.
Commercial use is not requested and not supported by Virtual Voyage.

How do I go through?
Subscribe yourself as a virtual traveler. To do this, send your name, your e-mail address and your residence / country to the following e-mail adress. You can also add remarks - e.g. if you prefer to dispatch only greetings and not pass on greetings - or vice versa.

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