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Postage information - English language only

I prefere virtual voyages in excange: I'm providing the postcards for your virtual voyage and you're providing the postcards for mine.
But even if you don't like to host any voyages, i'll host yours - if you pay the costs I have (Prizes in US-$):
About $-.50 for each postcard.
About $-.50 postage for each postcard within europe / $1.00 postage for each postcard outside europe.
The price for the envelope with postage to send you the unwritten postcards depends on the quantity (wight) of the postcards:
- within europe: to 20g: $1,- / to 50g: $2,- / to 100g: $3,-
- out of europe: to 20g: $2,- / to 50g: $3,- / to 100g: $6,-
eg. 2 Postcards to USA are: $1 for Postcards, $2 postage, $2 for the Envelope = $5.
If you want this service, mail me your adress and the number of postcards you like to get. I'll send the postcards to you in an envelope, you write them (please also write "PRIORITAIRE" - that means AirMail - on them), and send them back to me in an envelope. Don't forget to include the money in this envelope. Please only send US-$-bills and round up half dollars. After I received this envelope, I'll put some stamps on the postcards and drop them into a mailbox. - Thats all.
Yours Marcel from Virtual-Voyage.
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